Planting pineapples with the help of one of our egg-laying hens


Yam & Sufi, baby goats born the week of Parshas Bishalach

Farm Tours

Come join us for a tour & lunch of our Kosher Farm!


Tours are between 9:30 - 12:30 am and are by reservation only. 


Cost for the tour is $55 per person* and includes a homemade farm lunch.

We do live on a farm so tours may rarely be canceled last minute due to sudden farm/animal emergencies or developments.

*Children under the age of 2 are free


Starfruit grown outside our home in September

Farm Activities

Depending on the time of year that you come, farm activities may include the following:

  • Goat and Sheep Feeding 

  • Chicken, Quail or Duck Egg Collection

  • Seasonal Fruit Picking (may include Mango, Starfruit, Avocado, Coconut, Papaya, Coffee, Banana)

  • Macadamia Nut Gathering and Cracking 

  • Learning about the Banana's growth, bracha and unique properties

  • Enjoying our awesome Mango Swing

Kosher Lunch

Our MKF signature lunch is your choice of pasta or artisan bread with dips, our blind egg taste test and fresh salad.

When we can we incorporate some seasonal "farm to table" ingredients. Farm fresh duck, quail & chicken eggs, banana smoothies, home made sourdough bread & local fish when available)

General menu options are available as well at menu cost. See Private Chef Menu here.



Our Maui apple bananas and ice cream bananas

Banana Chips

One of our favorite activities on the farm is harvesting and dehydrating our very own organic Maui apple banana chips.

An apple banana is a variety of bananas that grow in Hawaii. They are small and tasty. When they are dried they become sweet as sugar.

Due to popular demand, we are now packaging and selling our banana chips for the public. Stay tuned for a store near you carrying our "candy-like" chips.

Banana Chips for Sale

Buy our delicious banana chips at $1.30 per ounce and help support our farm!

  • 100% Maui Apple Banana Chips

  • Organic

  • Farm Grown and Dried

  • Order them in Crunchy or Chewy


A wwoocher (wwoofing bocher) davening shacharis on the farm


Wwoof stands for "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms". A wwoofer is someone who volunteers on a farm in exchange for room and board.


We are slowly building our kosher wwoofing program for the adventurous farm-curious young men and women (separately) looking for a kosher and shomer Shabbos experience in a chasidishe environment.

Wwoofers sleep in tents, cook their own meals and help out with farming, animals, building and planting for a few hours a day on the farm, affording them to time to explore the island and learn with fellow Jews.

Building a new chicken coop for the next generation of egg layers


MKF Summer 


Imagine a summer program in the Hawaiian jungle with a cozy group of young Jewish girls for a once in a lifetime experience!


Geared for teenaged girls between the ages of 12-15, MKF (Maui Kosher Farm) Summer Adventure is an extreme 3 week program on our farm and exploring Maui.

This is not your typical tourist trip to Maui. Your girls will eat, sleep and breathe like a local and get a "backstage pass" to the island. 

Registration for summer 2020 opens in December.

Home on the Farm

This years MKF Summer Adventure will find our girls sleeping in tents, bathing in outdoor showers and spending much of their time on our farm in the lush West Maui Mountains. 


We will learn how to milk goats, feed goats, sheep, chickens, ducks & quails, build fires, plant pineapples, chop coconuts, harvest macadamia nuts, make banana chips, sprout seeds and chop down banana plants.

Daily chores will be given out and girls will be responsible for their tasks of the day.

Arts and Creativity

Maui is known as one of the art capitals of the US. 


Jewish and Hawaiian alike, a handful of these artists will teach our girls the art of Japanese print making and scarf dying, lei necklace creating, hula dancing, professional photography skills and more.

Cooking and baking lessons abound for the girls inclined towards the culinary arts.

Exploring the Island

Weekly trips take us to these spectacular sites: 


  • Climbing Haleakala's 10,000 foot crater 

  • Swimming in waterfalls

  • Snorkeling with sea turtles

  • Hiking bamboo forests 

  • Body boarding in warm Maui beaches

  • Exploring the Iao Valley


We use every opportunity possible to make Yiddishkeit come to life and infuse Hashem's world with meaning and connection.

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