Pesach in the Jungle

Experience Pesach like days of old. Our ancestors slept in tents under the stars after the Exodus from Egypt and ate their meals in the great outdoors. This Pesach, come experience something different as we create our first Seder in the Jungle. 

Camp out in tents for the Sedarim or stay in one of our cottages and then spend Chol Hamoed touring this beautiful island. Feel free to ask for our recommendations!

Email us about Seder and Pesach meal costs and more details.

Our Standards

Here at the Maui Kosher Farm we hold ourselves to the high standard of Lubavitcher minhagim.


Shmurah Matzah, no gebroks, no peels, no processed foods. Just simple, home-made Pesach meals.

We will be processing dehydrated coffee beans, cocoa beans, dried fruit, papaya seeds (to use as pepper) and anything else that we can get our hands on.

Our very own farm-raised chickens will be served as well as our happy free-range eggs!

The Maui Mishkan

Under construction as I type, the "Maui Mishkan" is our very own sanctuary in the jungle. 


Built of pallets, wood, tents, metal roofing and screens, our 1200 sqf tent will AYH serve as an outdoor living space for wwoofers, parties, family reunions, holiday events, summer programs and year-round relaxing.

Local artists will be contributing tapestries and artwork to adorn the "tabernacle".

Sounds of bleating goats and rushing water will envelope us as we sing into the night.

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