Mama Goat and Butter with their new baby kids

The Farm

Here at Maui Kosher Farm we are involved daily in working to make G-d's world a better place. Be it humans, animals or the earth, we are on a constant quest to elevate the mundane tasks of building, planting, harvesting, cooking, fermenting, dehydrating and nurturing the oasis that is MKF.

It's all about bringing people together and sharing the simple days, the holy Shabbats and the joyous holidays all on a little piece of land surrounded by the colorful and vibrant life of a growing and expanding farm.

The big chicken coop with one visiting duck "Lily"

The farm takes us back to scenes of our ancestors... 


From the Shtetls in Europe, milking the goat for breakfast and collecting eggs from the yard...


To the mountains and hills of Yerushalayim shepherding flocks of sheep while reciting verses of tehillim... 


All the way back to our forefathers farming and growing flocks of livestock in the land of Israel.


Farm Workshop with Rabbi Mendel

Baby lambs "Kallah" and "Levana"

All you can eat salad bar in the goat pen

The tiny and magical quail egg

Finishing the roof on this pallet cabin