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Shabbos on the farm

Maui Kosher Farm hosts shabbos pretty much every week of the year. Prayers and meals are open to all. Just contact us and RSVP if you wish to join and we will be happy to welcome you in.

It may not be often that we have a minyan but in the event that we do are ready with a brand new Torah that was completed here on our farm.

Come early for candle lighting Friday night, services and Shabbos dinner or join us Shabbos day for services, lunch and feel free stay for havdallah. 


Holidays at MKF

There is something magical about yomtov on the Maui Kosher Farm. Davvening outside in the Mishkan to the sounds of the animals, birds and water is a real dream. The meals are always warm and heimish with a mixed crowd of young and old local farm friends.

We have 2 Sifrei Torah and often have guests sleeping over on the farm who can help with a minyan.

Ask us about staying over with us for a yomtov and joining in the MKF experience.

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Sukkos 5781

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