Homemade sourdough focaccia bread

Sourdough bread with kalamata olives

Sourdough Bread

Living in a tropical environment lends itself quite perfectly to fermentation and growth. What better way to use the natural humidity and moisture than to make delicious sourdough bread with healthy bacteria and probiotics?

We make our sourdough from spelt, whole wheat or white flour and can customize with olives, cinnamon & raisins, sun-dried tomato 

Our Maui apple bananas and ice cream bananas

Banana Chips

One of our favorite activities on the farm is harvesting and dehydrating our very own organic Maui apple banana chips.

An apple banana is a variety of bananas that grow in Hawaii. They are small and tasty. When they are dried they become sweet as sugar.

Due to popular demand, we are now packaging and selling our banana chips for the public. Stay tuned for a store near you carrying our "candy-like" chips.

Banana Chips for Sale

Buy our delicious banana chips at $1.30 per ounce and help support our farm!

  • 100% Maui Apple Banana Chips

  • Organic

  • Farm Grown and Dried

  • Order them in Crunchy or Chewy

6 Braid Shabbat Challot hot out of the oven


One of my favorite things to do is bake challah. The entire process, from preparing the dough to burning the piece of "challah" to braiding and then of course the incredible smell that fills the house while it's baking makes it worth all of the effort.

I bake challah every week and am happy to keep you in mind if you would like to purchase one or two. Just give us 48 hours advance notice.

Farm produce

Farm Stand

Enjoy the bounty of MKF each in its season.


Mangos in the spring.


Avocados and macadamia muts in the summer.


Papayas and bananas all year long.


Chicken & quail eggs daily

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